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They cover much of the content that was presented in the book. If you use these at a conference or tradeshow, please credit Digital Analytics 101.

Week 8 – How Paid Online Ads Work

This class covers what paid ads are and how they work. Covers Google AdWords, Google Retargeting, Facebook PPC, Twitter Ads, and YouTube Ads. I think YouTube has rebranded since this content was created so don’t expect some of the names to apply.


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Week 8 – How Paid Ads Work

Week 7- All About SEO

Ah, the weird world of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This class explains what it is, how it works, how Google Algorithm changes may require the way you change your thinking when it comes to adding content to your website, the role of social media and SEO, and some exercises you can do.


PS – Yes, I know some of my slides got messed up when I converted them over to PDF because the pretty fonts aren’t loaded on this computer. I think you can still read them and will find the content valuable.

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Week 7 – All About SEO

Week 6 – Research and Testing

This course outlines why you want research in your content strategy. Includes how to do surveys, polls, and quizzes. Also covers the basics of A/B testing and how to determine if your test results are statistically significant.


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Week 6 – Research and Testing

Week 5 – Email Best Practices

This is slightly newer content than the earlier week email course published. About email timing, content strategy, email permissions, measurements that you should be looking at in your email system, as well as a test and learn framework.

If you’re having issues with your delivery rate, you should check your email reputation. This course will show you how to do that.


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Week 5- Email Best Practices

Week 3 Boot Camp – Design and Usability

This is a HUGE download – just warning you. Because this week is all about design, it’s a very, very, very big file with lots of graphics. I also have to give HUGE credit to Consumer Insights Group for some of these best practices. I have partnered with them on past projects and always find them to be an amazing partner. That is a totally unsponsored endorsement, to be very clear.


Download for coursework:

Week 3 – Design, Usability, and Branding

Boot Camp Week 3 – Email

Again, week 3 could have meant different things for different classes. Please pardon my disorganization, I’m working very hard just to toss all this content up on the site and organize it later. Unfortunately, later could be 3 years from now or it could be this weekend.

This class dealt with email best practices from a MARKETING PERSPECTIVE ONLY. If you’re a bank or other institution that collects money or does account management through email, this session doesn’t really apply to you. It’s for the businesses selling online, cross-sell, upsell, loyalty, and acquisition emails.

This class talked about email best practices for how to measure, opt-in, clean your database, examine results over time, and test creative designs.

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Sample student homework – website

This was sample homework for Pottery Barn, an online retailer this student particularly loved. The assignment was in two parts: experience the website like you’ve never been on it before. Is it easy to find what you’re looking for? What part of the site experience isn’t awesome?

The second part of the assignment was to look at other sources for data on Pottery Barn – are they active on social? Video? Anything interesting on Glass Door? Etc.


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No-data-pottery-barn Pottery-Barn-Digital-Pulse-Report


Week 2 Alternate Track: Content Marketing

Sometimes, depending on my audience or seasonality, we switched the order of classes or created new ones. This one was all around how to do content marketing, set a strategy consistent with your brand, measure it, and get a sense for how your competitors were doing in the social / online marketing space.


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Fall 2013 Week 2 Content Marketing

Boot Camp Week 1

This one-hour class covered the basics of how the internet changed marketing forever. Includes overview of digital landscape, how data is collected, and how to set your strategy. End of the slides include a worksheet on how to assess your online branding strategy.


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Week 1 – Intro_Fundamentals

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