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Last week, The Onion (a funny parody news site) ran a fake article by the Director of Social Media for Tide. Let’s face it, we marketers are guilty of most of the obnoxious self-promotion contained within the article, including:

  • Trying to push content that isn’t all that interesting…
  • To a global audience that isn’t targeted…
  • With a message that’s vague…
  • Just for the sake of trying to go “viral.”

Well, normally the story would end there. However, Tide monitors all mentions of their name online and they caught the article. I’m not sure what social listening tool they use, but clearly it’s working out for them just fine. Here’s their response:

This is brilliant for many reasons:

  • Tide made fun… of being made fun of.
  • They turned it around in a week, which means…
  • They have a nimble, internal strategy that facilitates response to all social media.

Win. Win. Win. Great job, Tide. I salute you.

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