Hey, we're closed...

We closed our doors in May 2015… after a great four-year run helping small to medium business owners and aspiring marketing rock stars learn how to use data. We’re tired. Thus, we say goodbye to Digital Analytics 101. Thank you all for everything. Let’s all go take naps.

Shh, we're nappin'

Shh, we’re nappin’

The reality is: our esteemed leader, April Wilson, is going to back to school to pursue her dream of being a university professor and well, it’s just too much work to keep this running without her.

Or she's just into it for the older nerd-chic look.

Or she’s just into it for the older nerd-chic look.

If you still need marketing help – particularly with video / social / content creation, go check out our partners at Dread Engine. If you still need April… she’s on-call with Dread Engine, as needed.



In the meantime, check back… we’ll be turning this into a content library of everything we ever taught and presented for free! Go nuts! Learn something!


The DA101 team